Need a Job?


PAY RATE : first 5 work days are $10 hr (training), 
                  after that $100 per day (take home)as 1099
HOURS: ** Days vary from 5-8 hr based on task list 
                 and route for the day
             ** Starting time never before 7am
             ** Ending time rarely after 4pm
             ** Part time - a few days a week in beginning, 
                 increasing to 5 days as you train
             ** NO weekends or Holidays
SKILLS : Carrying, lifting, holding... in the beginning only true skill needed will be energy and following directions.   As time goes by you'll learn the skills for measuring and installing many different types of glass projects.


PAY RATE : starts at $10 hr (take home)
HOURS:  Adjustable to fit your schedule 
             within the hours of 9a-4p
             NO weekends or Holidays
SKILLS : Data entry, scan processing, answering 
            phones, errands, 
             pre-knowledge of programs we use not required.

Everything that needs doing can be taught.  Basically anything on office mgr desk that you are comfortable to take care of. 

Just a few hours the first few days, then growing to as much as full time as skills are learned ...  Potentially covering the showroom so that I can handle family or personal errands.

E-Mail if interested to get your questions answered.

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