What type of edge do I need?

There are many different edges that can be put on your glass.

Level 1 - Seamed

the edge of the glass is sanded slightly, the glass still looks like it is raw cut, but you will not cut yourself when handling the glass.

Level 2 - Heavy Seam

The glass is sanded a bit more than level one.  You can see that it has been sanded if you look close.   Gives a nice edge for thinner glass. (Not available on thicker glass)

Level 3 - Polished Edges

These are sent through a Machine to polish the edge, making their appearance like the pics to the right, and similar to edges found on the front of pre-manufactured shelves, either rounded (pencil Polish $$) or flat (flat polish $)   These are the two choices when you have a thicker pc. of glass that will need exposed  or "finished" edges.

Level 4 - Bevelled Edges

These are also Machine created.   The edge of the glass is ground and polished to create a "framed" look around the edge of the glass on any of the Basic Shapes.  The bevel can be any depth, but standard is 1/2"  3/4"   or 1".   This is often used for Bathroom and vanity mirrors.

The Corners Can be Standard - comes to a point 

                              DUbbed - simply sanded off, no point but not rounded

                              Coin rounded - small radius cut on the corners

                              Free cut to your pattern

Level 3 - Pencil Polish 

Level 3 - Flat Polish 

Top View of a Bevelled Corner 

Cross Section View  of bevelled Edge

bevelled Edge on a radius

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