There are Many contractors that are trying to get your business.   Here are a few things to ask yourself and your potential contractor before deciding which one is right for your project ....

**  First and Foremost - Do they have a Valid Contractor's License?   Target Glass is registered with the CSLB under license # 818836

** Are there any additional fees and/or surcharges not disclosed on the estimate that will be included in the final bill?  Unfortunately for much of the industry, this is common practice, to give an estimate and then later add waste disposal fees, energy surcharges, and other costs to your final bill that were not mentioned when negotiating a price.   Target Glass prices all jobs with the intent for Final Bottom Line pricing, this means that if we had any knowledge of it at the time of negotiation, it will be included your price.  EXAMPLE : Pricing for Window and Door installations include all materials required for standard installation, removal and disposal of the windows being replaced, any Manufacturer or energy surcharges,  Basically any expenses that we can logically assume at time of pricing negotiation.  If at any time we are made aware of an issue that will effect your final price you will be notified before we continue.

** We've all seen the advertisement - FREE WINDOW with purchase of Blah Blah  Blah..... It's been said a thousand different ways, but it all adds up to the same thing.   No Matter what they offering you for free - You are paying for it elsewhere.  They are simply raising the price on something else in your estimate to cover the expense of that FREE item.  If they offer "coupons" or other discounts, they are doing the same bait and switch, raising the price, simply so that they can show you a reduction.   

** Offer only valid if you sign Today! or some other very short term is a giant red flag that you should look elsewhere or get additional bids.  If they are rushing you to decide, then there is very high possibility that there is something that they don't want you to find out before they have your signature.   Every Target glass bid is Valid for 30 days, or until we get a Price increase notification from our suppliers, whichever comes LATER.  There have been occasions when we have been able to honor bids as much as a year after given because the supplier had not raised their prices to us.

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