Tempered or other safety glass is required in ANY of the following situations :

  • Within 24" of any doorway (either interior or exterior)
  • Within 20' from the floor 
  • Over or inside a Bathtub or shower
  • within 36" of the landing of a staircase, or on the staircase itself
  • in a door of any type
  • Above or adjacent to a pool or spa
  • Over 9 square feet in the individual panel
  • When it is used as a physical barrier (used as a railing or as fencing)

oversimplified : any area where someone would be expected to be barefoot, or might fall or step through in an accident.

Every state, city, county and district has different building codes that determine when Safety glass is required, so the codes in your area may vary slightly from those shown here.   

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