PERMITS  Any permits, or agency approvals (if required) are the responsibility of the Property Owner, and these costs are NOT included in the price you were quoted, however, We WILL assist with any paperwork involved whenever possible.  The majority of Small projects and many "replace existing with same" projects do not require permits, but this is constantly evolving as different agencies expand and tighten their rules and codes. 

There are several reasons why TARGET GLASS does not include permits in our estimates...

The time required for the process cannot be estimated beforehand, as we would have no way of predicting the time waiting... either in line at the permit office, or onsite waiting for the inspector,  making this billable time doing very little at our hourly service rate.

We are a Glazing Subcontractor, not a general and have incomplete training to verify that the ENTIRE building is up to code.  When an inspector is there on a permit inspection he has the authority to look at not just the windows, but ANYTHING in the vicinity where work is being completed.  Any time a permit is issued the person pulling the permit MAY be required to bring additional items up to code, even if it does not pertain to the intended repairs/upgrades.  So, if there are not up to code smoke or carbon detectors, or ANY other Building code deficiencies upon inspection, the permit holder would be required to upgrade them as well, before getting the final for the work we originally contracted.

WINDOWS  - We only install retrofits, which do not alter the opening size, or open up the walls so therefore (in most cities) do not require a permit.   THIS IS CHANGING as each city adjusts their policies to bring more money in.   

We do not install nail on frames, or open up the walls for replacement windows, not merely because it would add higher permit costs, but we would also have to be asbestos certified, and would become instantly responsible for the entire property's code compliance, not just the portion of the building where changes are being made.

For some Assistance filling out  Permit application ....

Additional information and & links to permit Applications :

City of Hayward         Online Application

City of San Ramon         Online Application


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