Some Permit Help...

I am using the Permit for San Ramon as an example, but not all cities have the same questions. :


Project Address : address where work will be completed

Project Valuation : the total at the bottom of your estimate

Project description : Window replacement using existing openings

Description of work : √ residential  √ repair windows

√ property owner/Lessee    w/ your information

Contact person = Your information

√ owner Builder

Owner Builder declaration :   √ as owner builder i am contracting exclusively with licensed contractors .....

                                            √ I will not employ any person in a manner that will subject me to workman's Comp

Questions about opening size or operation... "replace with same"


This information will not be available until window Manufacture provides confirmation of order with individual energy and material specifications.   Target glass will not knowingly quote materials that are not either equal or exceeding local and California building requirements for the City where work is to be completed. 

This information will be supplied 2-3 days after order is placed, once the MFG provides confirmation of order.


Every city is slightly different on how and where this information should be entered, so please ask person at permit office to assist so that this info get's put in the appropriate location on the application.  

TARGET GLASS will be completing the work under CA Lic # 818836

                                                                          City of San Ramon Lic # 1800017527

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