General FAQ


Why is there standing water in my window track ?

Many homeowners instantly think their window is leaking and/or needs to be replaced when they see standing water in the window track.   Please watch this U-Tube video to explain how weep holes work, and how to reduce blockage if this is happening to you.     (created by others) 

Why do you need my street address if it's just a quote, or if I'm picking it up? 

Any paperwork or notes for a project are filed under the Address where the work will be done, or where the parts will end up. We do this because on some projects we can be dealing with as many as a contractor, a tenant, and a homeowner, a spouse, each possibly having both work and home numbers....  and between now and when we try and look it up for warranty or replacement, any/all of these things may change or be forgotten.   The Street address is the detail most likely to remain the same even a significant time later.

ALSO - when supplying window replacement estimates, we can use the address to look on google earth to see the building to determine which type/style of frame would best fit your situation and possibly see which options would be required to match your existing windows.

And the most important....  Once a project is completed, we remove names phone numbers e-mails and any other personal information from our digital system  to reduce the chances that this personal information can be hacked.   After a project is complete, we will only be able to search the property and project information.  (what was done and where)

Alarm systems :       
If you have an alarm it may be disabled by the installation of a new window and your alarm company will have to be scheduled to make any corrections or re-installations. In some cases your alarm system will be unavailable until an alarm technician can make the necessary adjustments.

Window Treatments : 
In some Situations Blinds, Shutters or other window treatments may have to be moved, or adjusted to fit into the window opening and may not seat in the same manner after a new window is installed.  We will do our best to minimize this change wherever possible, but cannot guarantee fit or replacement cost.  We request that these be removed before we begin to insure that they are not damaged by our process.

Interior/Exterior Trim & Stucco :
In some situations wood trim (either exterior or interior) will need to be removed to enable the installation.  This wood will be re-installed, and re-sealed, but in some cases this wood will have to be re-painted, or touched up by others once we are finished.  We do NO painting or STUCCO repair.

Warranties :

We support the original Manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and supplies, and will assist with the paperwork involved to have these issues resolved as long as the Mfg warranty is in effect.  

WINDOWS : We Warranty our installations and labor for TWO years, and in some situations will warranty labor to parts supplied by the Manufacturer’s warranty up to 10 years as long as the labor capacity is available.

BATH ENCLOSURES : We Warranty our installations and labor for ONE year, and in some situations will warranty labor to parts supplied by the Manufacturer’s warranty up to 5 years as long as the labor capacity is available.   

As We are unable to control cleaning methods, chemicals used, or general maintenance performed (or not), we warranty the first 60 days of our warranties unconditionally. From then until the expiration of our warranty whether we cover all or only a portion of the labor is determined by an inspection to determine if the issue is caused by product defect, the nature of product as installed, mis-care, degradation etc.

MAINTENANCE TO EXISTING ––  whether it be a door that needs rollers, an enclosure that needs new sealants, or other types of “Time & Materials” projects, we will do our best to bring the situation to the best condition that we are able.   We are unable to guarantee that our work will make it “like New” only that it will be improved, as we have no way of predicting the underlying issues of the original installation or the age and condition of the materials already in place._____

Unpredictable Costs :

We don’t believe you should have to pay more than quoted and do our best to predict many situations.

If at the time of install a situation arises that was not evident at time of measure you will be given your options on how to proceed, and an estimate of additional costs if applicable. Some situations cannot be readily identified until the old windows and stops have been removed, opening up the wall, or exposing framing.

ACCESSIBLE SPACE -- We do our best to predict how long your installation is going to take.   This time does not include moving furniture and other obstructions from the area next to and around where we are to complete our work.  If excessive time must be spent to clear this area additional charges will apply.  A 2 foot minimum space will be needed both inside and outside for the installers to remove the old, and install and seal the replacement windows.  We request that you clear this space to prevent the possibility of your personal items being moved or damaged. <this includes blinds, decals, and/or other window decor.

DRY ROT – If dry rot is evident, the amount of damage will determine whether the installation can proceed.   If repairs are necessary, they must be made before installation can continue, and a GENERAL contractor MIGHT have to be brought in.  Homeowner will be given their options before we proceed if this will have any additional costs.

TERMITE DAMAGE – if termite damage is found during the installation we are required by law to stop work until the damage can be treated and/or repaired. This cost is not covered in your quote.

COMPLETION and DELIVERY TIME ESTIMATES are just that, estimates and are not guaranteed.  We will do our best to have contracted work completed in this amount of time but cannot be held responsible for supplier or weather produced delays.   Sample Timeline

Our STANDARD windows are manufactured as they are ordered and take approximately 10-14 BUSINESS days from when we turn in your order to the Manufacturer.  Custom windows or windows with non-standard materials can take up to 4 weeks for us to receive.   Standard Closets and Bathroom enclosures average 7-10 business days.  There are too many variables to be able to list time averages for repairs, tabletops, and other services we offer. 

Business Days : Many homeowners get a bit confused when attempting to predict when their order will arrive.  Unlike shipping at other online merchants, many of the manufacturers we use do not count days they are not actively running, even if other businesses around them are open.   When counting business days, we do not count the day the order is placed, Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays...   When some major holidays fall on Tuesday or Thursday, please ask before assuming whether your product's Distributor is open that Monday or Friday as occasionally some will take that single day closed as well.

Homeowner's Association :  Some associations have additional requirements above and beyond those the the city and state require, other go so far as to declare the brand and style of window required.   Make sure you check with them to verify that what you are asking us for is within their additional guidelines before ordering.  Click here for Average HOA Timeline

Payment Options : For most projects we accept Cash or check either at time of order, or at time of delivery/installation.  We have recently started accepting credit cards.  If you choose to pay in this manner the CC processing company's fee will be added to your total.   We do NOT offer financing or payment plans.

PERMITS Any permits, or agency approvals (if required) are the responsibility of the Property Owner, and these costs are NOT included in the price you were quoted, however, We WILL assist with any paperwork involved whenever possible.  The majority of Small projects and many "replace existing with same" projects do not require permits, but this is constantly evolving as different agencies expand and tighten their rules and codes.  More info..

Taxes / Surcharges :  any industry energy surcharges, city, county, or state taxes (if applicable for your project) or other types of "% of the total"  fees are included within the line item price. If there are no changes or surprises during your project, the price you see at the bottom line of your estimate is the price you pay.

DELIVERY ONLY prices do not include any supplies not specifically mentioned.  We only charge a delivery fee if the delivery is to be made outside of our home zone or would require a “special trip”.

INSTALLED prices for windows, patio doors, and window panes (Unless stated otherwise in your estimate) include removal and disposal of the old that is being replaced, and any predictable supplies and trim required for the installation.  INSTALLED prices for  Closets, Bathroom enclosures, mirrors, and other products include, supplies and trim required for the installation but unless stated, they do NOT include removal, disposal or cleanup of any pre-existing units.

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