Pet Door - in glass

Send us this downloadable form in an e-mail, after marking what you believe you will need. You will receive a follow-up email with either additional questions to clarify details, or appointment offers for us to get more specific measurements and specifications before the Pet door insert can be made.

  • While your measurements will determine if our pricing fits your budget, we will measure for exact glass size before order is placed. They need to be precise since the pet door for glass units are custom and non-returnable.
  • Select glass type. Standard (less than 34”w X 76”h) vs oversized (up to 46”w X 92”h).
  • Select frame color. In glass pet door frames come in all beige or all white.
  • Select glass LoE options & color. There are three different types of glass to choose, Clear, LoE 270, and LoE 366. In addition to those, there are also two tinting options, Bronze or Gray. The glass comes in ⅝", ¾," ⅞" and 1" thicknesses. We can (upon inspection) tell you what you have. You can also locate the model details and call your door manufacturer directly, or the company that installed your Door/Window.
  • Select pet door location. You will also need to choose the unit as installed in the left or right frame and select the corresponding "XO" or "OX" in the menu ("X" designates the moving panel. "O" is fixed as viewed from outside). In general, the pet door will be placed on the sliding door, under the handle. However, if the sliding door is on the outside, the pet door will have to install into the stationary panel. The frame of the pet door will stick out towards the inside of the house, as that is where the tracks for the closing cover are located, so keep that in mind when selecting the side the door will be installed into. Make sure that where you are putting it, the frame will not stick out interfering with the normal operation of the sliding door.      
  • Pet Opening Size and "step-over". This is a minimum of 3 ¾" plus the height of your existing frame. For instance, if your frame is 2," then the flap will start 5 ¾" from the ground. This can be added onto for very tall dogs in 2" and 4" increments. Be careful if you have small and larger pets sharing, as you don't want to get the step over too high for the smaller ones to get up and over. The ultimate goal is to get the top of the flap up to at least 1" higher than the tallest part of the dog's back when the new sliding door pet door unit is installed, combined with a step over low enough for them to get through comfortably, no jumping through hoops.
  • Production time. Since these are custom sliding glass doors, they take around 4-6 weeks to build and will be shipped directly to Target Glass. 
  • Installation. We will come out with the built-in dog door unit, switch your old glass for the new glass door with a built-in dog door, then put your door/window back together.

Click Logo to see the Manufacturer's Website with pictures and videos of their product 

Pet Door Guys Conversion System Overview
  • Designed to replace glass in the sliding door of patio doors. There are some instances where you would need to place the door in the stationary panel. For those, take a look at the placement guide below.
  • Trim-line frame built to the same height, width, and thickness as the existing glass it replaces to include a quality pet door and new tempered double pane glass pre-installed.
  • Measures and installs like a normal insulated glass replacement. Comes fully assembled and is reversible. The old glass can be re-installed if the home is sold or the owner no longer has a pet.

See Pet Doors Placement Guide Below for Other Applications

sliding door pet door technical chart - measuring for built in dog door 

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