Which Frame is right for me?

Majority of Window Framing that is being replaced fits one of the following types :   Vinyl,  Aluminum,  Steel or Wood

Currently the Most often used replacement is Vinyl due to it's Manufacture cost, energy efficiency, and Low Maintenance.

We Carry : Aluminum & Vinyl
Each of these come in several styles 
Nail on Frame  - Retrofit Frame - Block Frame

If you are replacing, repairing, or putting in a new wall with new siding or stucco, your preferred option would be a nail on frame.   It gets nailed to the framing, with sealants and flashing giving a watertight seal, and the fin is underneath the new stucco, siding or other exterior finishing material.  

For simple re-models either a "retrofit" or block" frame window is often preferred as it fits in the current opening without damage to the stucco or siding, and reduces the chances of damage to the interior of the wall.  ("Block" frame for replacement of wood windows, and "Retrofit" for other framed replacements)  Both are installed in a similar manner.

Please note that if you have a pre-existing leak, your only option is a General Contractor and a new Nail on window.

For a Retrofit installation, the glass and dividers of the existing window are removed, but the current frame is left undisturbed. 

The new window is placed int the opening with sealants where the window sits inside the wall, as well as on the interior and exterior of the home. 

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