Averaged HOA Timeline

OUR process for HOA replacements (updated 6/1/15)

BEFORE windows are ordered:
homeowner submits our estimate through HOA
* Target Comes out  and gets accurate measurements to the fraction of an inch to make sure the new windows fit properly, and to verify that all relevant building codes are being met.

While waiting for Windows to Arrive :
* Windows take approximately 14 BUSINESS days to be manufactured and shipped
* City Permit must be applied for - by homeowner    http://targetglass.yolasite.com/permits.php

Once windows are received :
* we will call to set up an appointment for install that fits the schedule of all parties

On Day of Install :
* all furniture and obstructions must be clear of openings.  Install takes approximately one day.
* HOA Approval, and completed Permit Must be onsite for work to be completed

Day after install, or at Homeowner convenience :
* After work is completed, homeowner or representative schedules and is present for “permit closure” inspection the day after install,or when convenient, before the permit expires on day 180 after it's been applied for.

For all Brands Invoice total is due upon day of installation by check or cash add 3% if using credit card.

Thank You
Target Glass & Window


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