Target Glass


Not all line items may apply to all projects, but this will give you an idea of the order of events :

-->  Receive Cold call / Request for estimate or service

--> Exchange e-mails to get any additional details required for pricing  

      * Sometimes jobsite visit required to get actual site details if not enough info can be obtained through Phone/E-mail

--> Supply estimate by e-mail or fax

--> receive Authorization or Order IN WRITING

--> Visit job-site to get actual measurements (if not already obtained)

--> Materials are ordered 

-- ? Business day wait for supplier .....  1-2 for simple in house projects

                                                           3-5 for fabricated glass, and many repairs

                                                           7-10 for Closets and Bathroom enclosures

                                                           14-20 for Manufactured Windows

--> We will contact by e-mail/Phone once materials have arrived and been inspected to set up appointment for installation / Delivery

--> Payment for project expected upon Completion for COD, and within terms for Account Holders

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