A Few Glass Options - Visit our showroom for a more accurate representation of pattern and color

The current economic situation due to Covid has caused a glass shortage and many patterns are being either delayed or discontinued and availability is spotty for some of the less used patterns.   Delivery and availability estimates can not be guaranteed.

Types of Glass -->

-      Safety Glass –


This is a process where any glass mentioned below is Heated, then cooled multiple times in order to create greater strength.

When tempered glass breaks it breaks into Millions of Pc.s instead of Shards like a cup or plate in your kitchen would break.

Laminated Glass

Two or more pcs. of glass sandwiched together with a plastic material between them  to create one thicker pc of glass.

When it breaks it does not separate but creates a broken spiderweb like a window in an auto would break

Colors and Patterns available --> 

Common Clear Bath Enclosure & Window Glass Options -

Less Common Clear Glass Options -

(Hover over thumbnail to see the name used for that pattern, Be aware that different suppliers may offer the same or similar pattern by different names)

Due to the acquisition of Western States glass By Tru-lite industries, MANY of these patterns will be discontinued as stock declines.   Please choose at least one  back-up pattern as we must verify availability and pricing

-      Additional Tinted Glass –

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