Request a Table or Shelf Price

What type of Finish on the edges ?

What shape will the finished Table Be ?

How Thick do you Want the Glass?

Do you want the glass tinted?


Each Link on this side of the screen goes to a page that will explain the options for those that need a little more info.

Your Street address will determine whether there is a delivery charge, or if you are in one of the areas that include free delivery. ( zip code or city not enough to type in to GPS )


If your table is not squared off, measure at the widest point for width and at the widest point for height.

Most people use clear glass for new table-Covers to show off the table being protected, but others add a tint to lessen the visibility of pre-existing damage such as small scratches or water rings.

If you are designing a free standing piece of glass on a frame, you might want tint, or even a pattern in the glass.

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